World War Two

The Trentham at War Project has started to look at how the Second World War affected Trentham.


Trentham in World War 2

A timeline was produced to show the camps and activities that took place in Trentham and Trentham Park during the war. It is available as a video or a document.


Trentham War Dead

Information about the local men who died in the war and are named on Trentham War Memorial can be found on the War Memorial tab.


Trentham Ballroom

Banking in the Ballroom is a film about the Central Clearing House of the Bank of England relocating its operations to Trentham Gardens for the duration of the war.


Trentham in 1939

A collection of information about aspects of life in Trentham in 1939 from articles in the Sentinel newspaper. Please click on the names to open the documents in a new tab and  Increase the viewing size to read the text.




Air Raid Precautions


Deaths of local people


Evacuee poem


Local Controversies


Map and local photos


Miscellaneous Trentham news


Political Rallies


Preparations for War


Sports and pastimes


Trentham Park and Gardens


Wedding Bells